Bitmap and vector are two different types of digital image files. Bitmap is an image type that consists of numerous square pixels. Bitmap files are rich in details that are mostly suitable for photography or digital applications. However, the quality is related to the resolution so the image can get jagged or blurry when resized. JPG and PNG are two commonly used bitmap format which are both compatible with Beam Studio.

Engraving Resolution

The Engraving resolution can be set in Beam Studio by menu > Edit > Document Setting. Engraving resolution stands for the fineness and quality of the result. You will get more detailed results when the resolution is set to "High", "Low" means shorter working times while getting a rougher quality. The quality stands for the spacing of each line scanned by the laser which corresponds to 0.2mm /125 dpi, 0.1mm/250 dpi, and 0.05mm/500 dpi.


The exposure threshold value can be set when a bitmap image file is imported to Beam Studio. Find the "Shading" and "Threshold" option in the "Laser Config" label. When "Shading" is disabled, images will be transformed into monochromic, which is optimized for built-in "Monochromatic Engraving" parameters. When "Shading" is enabled, images will be transformed into greyscale, which is optimized for built-in "Shading Engraving" parameters.

The "Threshold" value can be adjusted when “Shading” is disabled. This function is based on the RGB color model which defines colors from 1 to 255. 1 stands for black and 255 stands for white. For example, setting the threshold value to 125 will turn all colors above 125 into white.