If you are constantly having a timeout error or transmission error with camera preview, but can normally run cutting/engraving task, you may have a broken camera cable.


To test if you have a broken camera cable

Kindly run the following steps:

1. Go to Maintain on the touch panel

2. Click Motors to release motors

3. Click the Camera to open the camera preview on the panel. If you don't see a camera screen here or it's a blank photo, then the camera cable is broken.

4. Move the laser head around the whole working area three times, and see if the camera went out or stopped updating. If the camera went out, then the camera cable is semi-broken, which still needs a replacement.

5. Exit the Maintain mode

6. Run the camera preview in Beam Studio and drag a whole area preview. If the camera preview stopped in the middle, then the camera cable is broken.

7. Do Step 6 three times.

8. If the machine passed the above test, check the network connection healthiness, using a wired network may improve the speed of camera preview. But if your machine can pass the above test and still having the same issue, contact FLUX for further examination.


If your camera cable is broken

Contact your reseller or us to get a cable replacement.