System upgrade for Beam Go Compatibility

Before using the Beam Go App, you’ll first need to upgrade your Beambox's system to the latest version. You’ll also need the following:

  • A smartphone/tablet with at least version iOS 8.0/Android 4.4
  • On the smartphone or tablet you plan on using, download Beam Go fromAPP Store/Google Play Store
  • A FLUX beamo, Beambox, or Beambox Pro machine

Please be aware that the laser tube’s usage record will automatically reset after any system update. To ensure your warranty rights and to keep a reference for future laser tube diagnosis, please go to, Machine Interface > Settings and take a picture of the laser tube’s time use.

Updating your Firmware

There are 2 main ways to update your firmware. The first is via a USB stick with the newest firmware on it. The second way to update your firmware is to download it directly from your laser cutter via a wifi connection. We will go over both of these methods below.

Note: We recommend using a USB to update the firmware, as updating the firmware directly through your laser cutter updates the machine to the newest beta version of the firmware rather than the newest stable version.

Method 1: Updating Firmware with a USB Stick

To update your firmware with a USB Stick, you will need the following:

  • An empty USB Stick
    Note: USB Stick must be formatted as FAT32 and 32GB or less.
Step 1: Download the newest Beambox/Beambox Pro Firmware

Download the newest firmware for your FLUX Laser Cutter Here.

Select the correct firmware for your machine. We recommend updating to the newest stable version of the firmware to avoid any bugs, but if you want to try out the latest and greatest FLUX firmware has to offer, you can download the most recent beta version. See figure 1 below.
Note: System firmware must be version 2.8.1 or higher to be compatible with Beam Go.

Figure 1: Downloading the Newest Beambox Firmware
Step 2: Move the firmware to the USB Stick and Rename It

Now you need to copy and paste, or drag and drop the firmware file you just dowloaded. You also need to rename it to "autoupdate". This is also a good time to double check to make sure there are no other files on your USB stick. The firmware will not flash if there are any other files on the USB stick. See figures 2 & 3 below.

Figure 2: The Downloaded File should Appear in your Downloads Folder
Figure 3: Move and Rename the File on your USB Stick
Step 3: Plug the USB Drive into your Laser Cutter and Restart it

Plug your USB drive into one of the USB ports on the back of your laser cutter while the laser cutter is off (Figure 4). Now turn the laser cutter back on. This will flash the new firmware on the USB drive. This process should take around 3-5 minutes, do not turn your machine off while the new firmware is flashing.

Figure 4: Plug your USB Drive into the USB Ports on your Laser Cutter

Method 2: Updating Firmware on your Laser Cutter

Updating your firmware on your laser cutter is super easy and fast to do. In order to use this method, your FLUX laser cutter must first be connected to a wifi network.

To update your laser cutter firmware, you should turn your machine on, and then click the button labled "MACHINE", seen in figure 5. Then click "Update to the latest firmware", seen in figure 6. Your laser cutter will popup a confirmation page, simply click ok, and your laser cutter will begin updating. This process should take 3-5 minutes, and you should restart your FLUX Laser Cutter after completion.

Figure 5: Click the MACHINE Button on your Laser Cutter Home Screen
Figure 6: Click the "Update to the latest firmware" Button on your Laser Cutter

Now you should be able to use Beam Go with your Beambox or Beambox Pro.



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