Testing Connection Stability via IP Address

Testing Connection Stability via IP Address

A. How to test?

  1. Go to software Beam Studio > Menu > Machines > Test Network Settings

  2. Fill in the Target device IP Address column with the machine IP address.
  3. Press Start, and the test will start running.
  4. The testing works as the ping command in most operating systems. 


B. Analyzing the result

1. Unable to establish connection with target IP

If the IP cannot be connected, it means that the machine and the computer are not in a network that can communicate with each other.

Possible causes:

  • The machine and the computer are not in the same network
  • The wired and wireless networks of the same router are not connected
  • The 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks of the same router are not connected
  • Firewall settings


  • Connect the machine and the pc to the same router.
  • If you are not familiar with network settings, ask the person who set up the network to help.
  • If the machine and the pc cannot connect to the same network, refer to the Directly Connect with a Network Cable. If the computer does not have a network port, you can purchase a network adapter to extend a network port.


2. Determine whether the connection is stable

Beam Studio 1.4.1 and below: 

  1. Network healthiness is > 90%.
  2. Average response time is < 100ms.

Beam Studio 1.4.2 and above:

  1. Connection quality is > 70.
  2. Average response time is < 100ms.


3. When connection is not stable

Possible causes:

  • Weak WiFi signal. 
  • The accessory dongle shipped before 2020 is fragile to any kind of collision.


  • For weak WiFi signals: shorten the distance between the AP and the machine. Walls or ceilings in between are not recommended.
  • If the WiFi Dongle is broken: the camera preview is usually also slow, kindly contact customer service to obtain a new free WiFi Dongle.
  • Try to use non-WiFi connection method.


4. Connection is stable, but connection issues still occur

If the connection issues still occur with stable connection,  please refer to the following articles according to the situation.

  • Stable connection, but machine not on the list
  • Stable connection, but the machine is often not found
  • Stable connection, machine listed, failed on sending a task



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